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Colton// Founder and Editor in Chief

Associate Brand Manager for Wines at Brown-Forman by day, music blogging by night. I founded Colt-On as a way to share music with my friends. Now, it’s a site dedicated to posting the newest and hottest EDM and hip-hop gems to keep fans in know, and make playlists legendary. Turn it on. Turn it up.





Greg // Senior Editor

I’m Greg, and I graduated from Episcopal High School and currently play soccer at Loyola University Maryland. I have a love for music, all types of music, but especially EDM, so I’ll make sure to post all the best stuff.





Cesar// Writer/Editor

Whats up people my name is Cesar Ramos and I am in love with EDM. I am from the Baltimore area and go to Loyola University. I will focus on EDM and hip-hop.






Diego// Writer/EditorYo my name is Diego McQuestion and I am a junior at Loyola University Maryland. I play on the soccer team along with Greg and Cesar. I graduated from Gilman School and now go to Loyola, both schools in Baltimore. I was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. Look for my posts to be mostly House and Hip-Hop.





Christian// Writer/Editor
The name is Christian Payne and I’m your go-to guy for interviews and features. I’m a 2012 Denison University graduate who majored in Broadcast Communication – Macbook, mic and camera always in hand. Right now I’m working in the TV business as a Photographer/Editor for WBOC-TV 16 in Maryland.

As Colt-On’s lil’ bro, I’ve seen and heard plenty of gems from connections at home at the beach in MD-443, all over the States, and across the pond after studying in Copenhagen, Denmark. Look for me to post chill songs and content that give up-and-coming artists the swag they deserve.



Mike// Writer/Editor

What’s up legends? My names Mike Noyes I’m 23 years old and I’m from Ocean City, Maryland. I went to a small private high school, the Salisbury School, in Salisbury, Maryland. In the spring of 2012, I graduated with a BS in Management from Providence College in Providence, RI. I played four years of varsity lacrosse at Providence and am currently finishing my 5th year of eligibility, while I’m in graduate school studying to get my MBA, with a focus in marketing. I like all different types of music from house to rap and anything in between.  So if your looking bump some swag wherever you go, stay tuned to us here at Colt-On. Deuces.


Jake// Writer/Editor

My name is Jake Nolan, 22 years old and a graduate from Providence College. I played lacrosse for four years at Providence and graduated with a BS in Management. I grew up in Fairfax, Virginia and now live in Westport, Connecticut.   Currently, I am living in England until May of 2013 playing lacrosse for a local club team and teaching lacrosse in schools throughout Manchester.  I started getting into ze house music after going to see Avicii at Pacha about a year and a half ago.  But, I like all types of music (chill, rap, house) and whenever I have free time, I am always on the hunt for the rarest gems. Take care, comb ya hair.